November 2011                                                                        

Good news everyone! (Professor farnsworth voice). Our games are going to be published on Android on the 1st of December! So keep an eye our for them. Also check out our newest addition "Tap tap hero". Trailer is below.

Monday 8th August                                                                   

Thursday 3rd June                                                                    

UPDATE - Hell is Other Zombies 

So its been a little while since posting but that is because i have been flat out with many many things however "Hell is Other Zombies" has had major developments and is stepping closer to release with each day! Woohoo you all scream :P 

Anyway things that have been added are, 

Game and menu sounds/music
Usable bonus pickups to help or hinder achieving a high score
High score table

+ there has been a redesigned score screen thats nice and sparkly :D

So stay tuned for a playable web demo coming soon.


Tuesday 22nd March                                                                 


And here is our IPhone icon. Mmmm Zombielicious . . .

Sunday 20th March                                                              


Meet Brandon Firehouse the hero for "Hell is Other Zombies".
He hates zombies and loves showing them who's boss.


Leader of the undead Borrk loves the taste of pulsating human brains and knows exactly where to find them. 

 Monday 14th Feburary                                                         


Welcome to UpFront's new website. 
Here we will be displaying our games and updates of everything happening in our company.
So have a quick squiz and enjoy whats to come. Were super excited and hope you are too.